Technology Services will no longer support McAfee and McAfee ePO after 12/31/2016.

After 12/31/2016, antivirus and full disk encryption cannot be managed via ePO. On the endpoint, the software will continue to function; however, it will need to be managed at the endpoint. That means it will no longer be logging virus and encryption information centrally. When the McAfee software reaches end of life, it will require manual intervention at each endpoint. The University will continue to support other popular antivirus software like Malwarebytes, which will not be affected by this change. The personal version of McAfee antivirus for Windows or Mac, previously downloaded from the WebStore, will also not be affected by this change. However, moving forward, we will no longer be offering a personal version of McAfee antivirus. Instead, the University of Illinois makes the following recommendations for antivirus software:

What you can do

We recommend that you begin to transition to other software solutions on your University machines.

 For a list of available antivirus and encryption software, as well as instructions for use, please see our blog post:


For questions or concerns, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217-244-7000 or by email at


ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) is the central management service for McAfee's suite of products. It permits the central management of antivirus, anti-spyware, and other McAfee products on supported operating systems. Individual units can be provided with 'sites' within the ePO product with which they can manage the machines on the units' networks without needing to run their own ePO installation. Currently over 10,000 machines are managed via ePO across 50+ units. In addition University Administration and NCSA run their own ePO instances.

Announcements about the status of the ePO service and upcoming changes are broadcast via <CITES-ePO-Announce@LISTSERV.ILLINOIS.EDU>. 

Leveraging the power of ePO you can

  • Push the McAfee Agent to AD bound machines
  • Enforce standard and custom policies for McAfee software
  • Issue installation tasks for McAfee software on machines which currently use the McAfee Agent. 

Currently the University of Illinois Endpoint Management group manages the ePO infrastructure and can provision use for your unit. 

For further information regarding ePO including the handbook please access the links below:

Campus ePO Handbook

How to Access ePO


Why McAfee?

The university routinely reviews their contracts with outside vendors and attempts to select the vendor that can best serve the needs of the campus community (platform support, quality of product, range of services, etc.). The vendor selected at the last review was McAfee.
A mailing list related to ePolicy Orchestrator, VirusScan, and WSUS services is available at EndpointSEC-Discuss@LISTSERV.ILLINOIS.EDU. This list can be joined via the Listserv Web Interface. We are always looking for partners from the campus to assist in evolving and actively managing the ePO service. Send questions to the ePO list or


VirusScan is McAfee's anti-virus/anti-spyware product (alternately known as McAfee Security for Mac on that platform). It provides signature-based and heuristic-based detection which is updated from McAfee's servers daily. VirusScan provides both on-demand (scheduled) and on-access scans in order to thoroughly protect client machines. The Security office provides two versions of this product for download from the CITES Webstore, one available to staff for use on university-owned machines which connects to the ePolicy Orchestrator server for central management and one available to all university personnel and students for use on personally-owned machines which is not managed by the ePO server.
The Mac OS version includes a firewall and an application control component. The firewall augments the existing system firewall and the application control allows an administrator or an end user much tighter control over what programs run on their systems.


SiteAdvisor is McAfee's URL and link safety product that uses a their database of domain reputations to help warn users before they visit sites that may be considered "unsafe". There is also a "Web Filtering" component to the product, but that portion is thoroughly disabled on our versions.

McAfee Endpoint Encryption

Endpoint Encryption is a Mac and Windows full-disk encryption offering from McAfee that is managed through ePO. This allows administrators to centrally manage which users can unlock which machines and perform automatic key escrow to the ePO server for data recovery purposes. This service can also leverage control and escrow of the native management tools of both Windows and Mac OS.