Device Enrollment Program (Apple DEP)

To maximize the benefits of iOS devices enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM), Apple has introduced the Device Enrollment Program (DEP).

This program enables you to:

  • Install a non-removable MDM profile on a device, which prevents end users from being able to delete it from their device.
  • Provision devices in Supervised mode using Apple Configurator. Devices in Supervised mode can access additional security and configuration settings.
  • Enforce enrollment for all end users.
  • Customize and streamline the enrollment process to meet your organization's needs.
  • Prevent iCloud backup by disabling the option to allow users to sign in with an Apple ID when generating a DEP profile.


Note: These instructions are based on the use of Apple Configurator version 1.7.1. Any other versions of the software may function differently.

Disclaimer: Integration with any third-party software product is not guaranteed and dependent upon the proper functioning of those third-party solutions.



Device Enrollment Program iBuy order information:

  • Log on to iBuy and click on the Techzone tab:
  • Then click on the non-catalog item tab
  • In the product description add "Apple DEP" and the item description of the item you want to buy
  • The Commodity Code is: 20400
  • Pamela Henson "" is the point of Contact for DEP orders