Q: Can I hide the Settings Icon in an iOS device with the MDM Service?

 A: Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to disable the entire settings app on iOS devices, even when they are in supervised mode. Using restrictions profiles you can "gray out" many of the options in settings, but you can't disable the app entirely.

Q: Can I push an Application Folder to a device in iOS?

 A: Unfortunately, currently there is no way to push a folder for applications to an iOS device and then put certain applications within this folder. The only option available for us is the Application catalog where users will have to create a folder and put the applications in to the folder, if the folder arrangement is required.

Q: What is App Remote View, Remote View, and Remote control What are they used on and for?

 A: App Remote view – For apps with the airwatch sdk
     Remote view - For iOS devices to an airplay destination on the same subnet
     Remote control-  For Samsung safe devices.