MDM Getting Started

To utilize the MDM service there are a few items you must do first. 

  1. Enroll in the MDM Announcement list Details on how to subscribe to lists Click Here
  2. Request Provisioning by filling out the Webform by clicking Here
  • This webform will give you vital information on provisioning your site
  1. Verify that you can access the site after receiving Provisioning email.  -
  • Login into site using the Username form: uofi\<ad Username> and AD Password

Now that you have been provisioned you will want to enroll some devices:

The easiest way to enroll a device is by using the Applications store of the respective device you want enrolled in. 

Search for the AirWatch MDM application 

Install the Application and enroll it with your University credentials (The user must be in the user group created in the provisioning process)

Once the device is successfully enrolled you can begin management with the AirWatch console. 


Purchasing Apple Applications for use in AirWatch

To install purchased Apple applications on any device enrolled in AirWatch you will need to follow these instructions Click Here

Description of what the user will see when distributing a purchased Apple App Click Here

Applications that can be used with this service can be purchased from the WebStore.

If you wish to purchase the application for use you must first create the Smart Group, Then contact Webstore at email and Provide the SmartGroup name using the convention <Group Name - Application Name - User defined term> eg. EPM-Keynote-BYOD