iOS Paid Apps

To utilize the functionality in iOS you must first create a Smart Group. This can be done by following the instructions below or downloading the PDF Here.

Step 1: Create a Smart Group

This task is completed by the requesting unit prior to contacting webstore

Log into the AirWatch console

Click Groups & Settings

Then Smart Groups



Step 2: Add a Smart Group

Click Add Smart Group 




Step 3: Define the Smart Group

  • Define the Smart Group by terms or Select Devices or Users
  • Best Practice is to select devices manually for the most control over the distribution of your applications that you purchase

Step 4: Give the Group a Name

  • Give the Smart Group a name: Use the naming convention: Department – Application – User defined term eg. EPM-Keynote-BYOD


Step 5: 

  • After defining devices and giving a name to the Smart Group Click Save button at bottom


Step 6: Contact Webstore


  • Once the Smart Group has been created Contact Webstore
  • They will require the Smart Group name which you defined
  • This is how they will assign the application licenses which you want to purchase
  • Request the amount of licenses which you desire and the Apple Application which you desire.
  • They will provision the licenses to your smart group